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Why we exist

Damiva was founded by two people – Chia Chia Sun, CEO, and Gardiner Smith, President – who have a lot in common. They’re business and personal partners who are pharmaceutical business executives and share a passion for making healthy products for aging women.

Damiva started when Chia Chia was shocked to discover how few products exist for peri-menopause and menopause. When she found out that 85% of women in menopause have vaginal dryness, her obvious question was: “What would I use for the next 30 years?”  She wanted a product that was safe, chemical free and hormone free, and when she realized that no such product existed, Chia Chia and Gardiner decided they would remedy the situation.


Damiva’s first product, Mae, was born out of Chia Chia’s personal search for a safe and effective vaginal moisturizer formulated especially for women in menopause.  A successful appearance on the reality TV show Dragons’ Den created nation-wide interest, and Damiva products are now stocked at top pharmacies across North America.

Breaking the silence

When Chia Chia – who is trained in epidemiology and cancer genetics – first researched vaginal dryness, she found scientific articles that quoted the incidence as anywhere between 6% to 40% of women.  Yet when she talked to menopausal women, they all told her, “Of course we have vaginal dryness”.  Finally, she found an article written by Huang et al., in the scientific journal Menopause, which studied women between the ages of 55 and 75 and discovered that 85% of post-menopausal women have vaginal dryness symptoms.

Packshot Mae Menopause Lubricant.
Packshot Mae Menopause Lubricant.
Packshot Cleo Labial Moisturizer.

If the scientists were getting it wrong, Chia Chia thought that there must be a reason – the huge taboo and suppression around talking about a naturally occurring symptom of aging for women.  From there she and Gardiner went on to establish the cheeky, humorous Damiva branding and messaging that is designed to break down taboos.


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Behind you and your health

Damiva’s products are all completely natural, in part due to Gardiner’s obsession with good ingredients and his abhorrence of bad chemicals.

Think of your vagina as the end of one long tube that runs from your mouth to your gut to your vagina.  It’s important that all your mucous membranes – especially your vagina – get the right treatment and products.  So Chia Chia and Gardiner designed Damiva products to even be edible!  Each batch is safety tested, and Damiva has strict environmental and safety standards.  All packaging is made of post-consumer recycled paper and all ingredients are sustainable and low-hazard.  Damiva uses special pharmaceutical techniques to get their products right.

Blonde woman crying - personal experience menopause problem

Initially envisioned as one product to help one woman through her peri-menopause, Damiva has expanded to product lines for the 200 million women in North America and Europe who are 40+.  It’s Damiva’s privilege to develop innovative and pioneering products for women all around the world.