Why Good for the Man Isn't Good for the Woman

By Chia Chia Sun, CEO, Damiva

Paradigm Shift

I often get asked why Mae by Damiva is different from other vaginal products. The simple answer is that it's made for women. Products made for men - such as condoms and lubricants - are not designed with the woman in mind. These products are "quick fixes" applied by the man in order to help with safe and easy intercourse. The ingredients used to make gelatinous or watery lubricant - such as latex, silicone, alcohol or water - dehydrate the vaginal membrane over time.

It's a paradigm shift for us to think about vaginal products for women as a means to easier, pain-free intercourse, long-term vaginal health and empowerment of sexual health.

No Quick Fixes Here

Mae by Damiva is made by a woman for women - it's a suppository that is inserted vaginally and melts within 10 minutes. Many women use Mae at bedtime and overnight. Mae is not a quick fix - that's good for the man but not for the woman - but a long-term solution. With its completely natural, safety-tested plant ingredients, Mae is designed to be used for decades. Most women (over 85% in menopause) will experience vaginal dryness. And the dryness deteriorates over time. Think about it like your wrinkles - they aren't going anywhere once they appear. So we need safe, effective vaginal products that we can moisturize with for decades.

What we say at Damiva about this paradigm shift is that it's about time and long overdue. Feel like a teenager again, but with better judgement.