Dolly is a breast treatment that assists with breast soothing and soreness during menstruation, peri-menopause and other times of hormonal fluctuation.

Dolly comes in a 80mL bottle and has a serum-like texture. Dolly does not contain fragrance. Any scent is a result of the product's natural ingredients. 

Dolly is for every woman who is a fun-loving knock-out - you know who you are! You've inspired us to say, "Hello" to breast balancing and "Good-bye" to breast tenderness. 

How to Use

Apply Dolly to breast areas and rub thoroughly into the skin.


To use Dolly, clean hands and dispense one to two pumps of product. Using fingertips, apply product gently onto breast skin. Allow the product to absorb. Wear loose clothing at night to help with absorption. Do not use on open sores. If you have lumps or pain please consult a physician immediately.

Dolly contains fifteen 100% natural ingredients, and nothing else. Chemical-free. Water-free.

Get Your Bloom Back.

Every woman deserves to feel good about herself, to radiate joy and confidence, to feel healthy, vibrant and vital from head to toe, and yes, also regarding her breast.

Dolly is more than just a breast moisturizer; she's your friend for your natural feminine health, rediscovering joy, cultivating comfort, and even igniting sparks of intimacy and rekindled romance. She is one of your companions in rejoicing in your femininity at every stage of life.

Make Dolly a part of your shower ritual and let the all-natural ingredients work their way for you. Dolly is loved by women for one reason: They got their bloom back with Dolly.

She'll help you get your bloom back, and stay in touch with this sensitive part of yours, too.


Frequently Asked Questions

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