Clinical Studies

Learn more about the clinical trials behind our ingredients.

Why is sugar good for the vagina

A randomized phase III clinical trial demonstrating how sucrose is as effective as metronidazole in curing bacterial vaginosis.



Sugar helps yeast infections

A controlled clinical trial showing that sugar and peppermint oil decreased yeast infections in pregnant women.



Hyaluronic acid's efficacy for treating vaginal atrophy

A clinical trial demonstrating the efficacy of hyaluronic acid for vaginal atrophy symptoms.



Bacterial vaginosis is more important than yeast infections in older women

A prospective cohort analysis of the increasing prevalence of bacterial vaginosis vs. candida infections in women 57 and over.



Vaginal pH increases to 4.5 and above after menopause

Explanations of the increase of vaginal pH after menopause.



Mae has been found to be effective in a pilot clinical trial for women with irradiation after gynecological cancer

Mae Clinical Trial