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Reviews for Mae, the Chemical-free Vaginal Moisturizer

MAE is the best thing since sliced bread, or zippers, or (you fill in the blank). My Doctor recommended it after Uterine cyst surgery. She took me off hormones and recommended MAE. I've used it for five years and absolutely love it!

Paula L.

Verified Purchase

I was diagnosed with atropic vaginitis about 2 years ago. It was awful. I could no longer take the prescription product; it wasn't working any more. And all the things 3 doctors gave me were all the same. Terrible burning. Terrible dryness. My sister found your products and they helped.I use the suppositories the most and the liquid labial one. Thanks again.

Lucy S.

Verified Purchase

The MAE product was recommended by my physical therapist. I tried it and have appreciated the added moisture that it provides. Many thanks for a very good product.

Linda R.

Verified Purchase

The Mae suppositories work well. They are very easy to insert and have softened up my bits. I insert one right before bed and have no mess on my undies. Really great product!!!

Arden C.

Verified Purchase

So thankful for this product. It works!!!!

Kathleen S.

Verified Purchase

This product is amazing! It provides the comfort and freedom that I lost within ten years after full hysterectomy. I have tried many different types of moisturization but Mae was the only one that worked for me. Thank you for creating this product!

Olga J.

Verified Purchase

Damiva is an answer to prayer! It is wonderful! Thank you for offering this great product. It’s auto-ship for me.

Valerie T, Post Menopause

Verified Purchase

Mae is a real quality-of-life element for this postmenopausal woman

Elissa L.

Verified purchase

These product help me feel so much better in my healing from Pelvic Radiation due to my Cervical/Uterine cancer- It keeps me feeling young without any pain or drying or the burn feeling that I experience. I am able to be intimate with my husband again - Thank you Damiva!

Raina D.

Verified Purchase

I really love your Mae product!! It has worked wonders for me! I'm on my 6th box!

Jocelyn S.

Loyal Customer

Reviews for Cleo, the Chemical-free Balm "for your other Lips"

My Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist gave me a sample, and it has made a huge impact on my healing journey. Pain from dryness (post hysterectomy) is completely gone and now we can focus on isolating muscle pain and strengthening. This balm is a game changer! Thank you!!!!!

Alice W.

Happy customer

I didn’t even know something like this existed until my pelvic floor dr gave me a sample. It changed everything for me- especially during my post partum phases

Michelle J.

Verified Purchase

PT gave me a sample of this to calm my vulvodynia and it worked. I was surprised, but thrilled. I ordered some. It’s a bit pricey, but a little bit goes a long ways and soothes for a long time. I also like the conveniently sized paquetes which have enough in them for many uses, so you don’t have to have a large container out.

Amber W.

Verified Purchase

I needed a product like this for medical reasons. Thanks to this product I was able to do my physical therapy. The formula is very comfortable. It provides the right amount of lubrication. I will continue to use. I’m very happy to have found this because nothing else was working.

Beatriz E.

Verified Purchase

Since cancer things haven’t been the same this has been great to add moisture back

Christy M.

Verified Purchase

The best releif for dryness on the market. I love that it is pleasing for my partner as well. It tastes good

Nancy H.

Verified customer

Love it!


Verified Purchase

I usually have very sensitive labial skin (irritated by soaps, toilet paper, swimming, hot water, etc.) and so this moisturizer is great at soothing / preventing irritation and itchiness!! And one sachet lasts me more than 1 use. In love


Verified Purchase

The Damiva Cleo Labial Balm is of a very nice consistency, goes on smooth and melts quickly so you can gently massage on to your labial skin. If you want to rejuvenate your labia then I couldn’t recommend it enough!!!

Cheryl M

Verified Purchase

Reviews for Angie, the Chemical-free Hand Balm

My hands are always dry. I have never found anything that truly moisturized my hands until now. I love Angie hand lotion. It has saved my hands. Feels wonderful and smells wonderful! ❤️

Susan G.

Verified Purchase

I love how soft Angie makes my hands feel and it absorbs deeply into my skin

Trudy C.

Verified Purchase

Being a mom, I am constantly getting my hands wet and using harsh products like soaps.

Thanks to Angie my hands are always soft and beautiful no matter what I do! I like placing the satchels in the fridge since it soothes any aches from my day.

Laura S.

Detroit, MI

Angie completely soothed and smoothed the dry, scaly skin on my hands. It even helped the dryness around my cuticles

Gretta H.

Verified Purchase

Angie is 100% hand sanitizer relief!!

Carla M.

Verified Purchase

I use Angie every night to help my hands heal from the daily toll of soaps, cleansers, and sanitizer. I love how soft Angie makes my hands feel and it absorbs deeply into my skin.

Melissa K.

Los Angeles, CA

This product keeps my hands hydrated for a WHILE! I love that it's vegan and all natural. Thanks!

Brenda K.

Verified Purchase

Angie is so practical and easy to use. They come in little sachets that I can place in my car, purse, at work, or anywhere I need. I have very sensitive skin and this product is the only one that never irritates me. Would definitely recommend.

Gretchen T.

Milwaukee, WI

Reviews for Helen & Grace,the Chemical-free Face Serums

I have been using Damiva suppositories and lotions for over 5 years. I love them. They moisturize and absorb quickly and have a very pleasant smell and texture, without the after effects of chemicals which irritate me in other products. My family loves them too.

Ginny C.

Helen Anti-Crease Serum

I'm in my 30s and getting fine lines between my eyes. I've been looking for an all natural product for a while and found Helen. So glad to use it to relax those muscles and help prevent the dreaded brow wrinkles.

Betty S.

Helen Anti-Crease Serum

I wish my younger self had had these self care products. I am also impressed with Helen. My face feels and looks great going to bed and when I wake up! Cannot wait to try a few more of your products.

Tara R.

Helen Anti-Crease Serum

I've always experienced a combination of facial dryness and acne. I've used non-natural products to aleviate my dryness in the past but they always end up causing breakouts. With Grace, I feel like i get lots of moisture (not oilly, the right kind!) and NO breakouts. THANKFUL!

Alli H.

Grace Verified Purchase

This product helped brighten my skin. It has a great texture and you don't need to use a lot. I use it before bed-time.

Deanna S.

Grace Perfecting Face Serum

I actually used this on a large, brown spot on my thigh that appeared after a wound. I didn't think it would help but it did. After about 3 weeks of using it daily, the coloring has decreased by about two-thirds. Really happy!

Ellen A.

Grace Perfecting Face Serum

I'm not done with my first bottle Naomi yet but do enjoy this moisturizer thus far. I'm waiting for my age spots or liver spots to dull. I have taken before pictures and will wait a month to take after.

Maria S.

Naomi Handlotion

I had age spots on my hands starting to appear and didn't want to use a bleaching product. I was amazed that within a few days, the spots lightened and they are practically gone after 2 weeks.

Cathy L.

Naomi Handlotion