The Damiva Difference

Water Free, Chemical Free, 100% All Natural Skin & Fem Care for All Skin Types!

Water-free is toxin-free: for you and the planet.

Water is a potential breeding ground for bacteria.

This is why cremes, lotions, moisturizers, balms that contain water require chemical preservatives that kill bacteria and microbes.

The problem is: These chemicals are toxic. And you know what toxic chemicals do to your skin and health. And the environment.

This is true not just for foods that enter our body orally, but also for products that enter our bodies through our skin!

Who is Bette?

If you're a Hollywood woman with sass and bedroom eyes, then you've inspired our Bette night time relaxing treatment. Bette Davis, Bette Midler, to all Bettes in our lives, we say Boop Boop a Doop.

What is Bette?

Bette is a nighttime treatment designed to relax with 100% natural, hydrating plant ingredients and a soothing lavender scent for bedtime. Bette is proudly vegan, cruelty-free and not tested on animals.

How to use Bette?

Bette is a nighttime treatment containing natural ingredients that help with sleep and relaxation. Apply all over the body at night to moisturize and decompress with the soothing scents of lavender and chamomile.

Bette contains fourteen 100% natural ingredients, and nothing else. Chemical-free. Water-free.

Get Your Bloom Back.

Every woman deserves to feel good about herself, to radiate joy and confidence, to feel rested, healthy, vibrant and vital from head to toe!

Bette is more than just a body moisturizer; she's your ally to leave the day's stress behind, give your body's skin the moisture and hydration it needs and she will relax you so that you can get your natural beauty sleep.

Bette is your companion in rejoicing in your natural beauty at every stage of your life.

Make Bette a part of your nightly ritual and let the all-natural ingredients work their magic for you.

Betty has been called a sensual, lullaby, a body bliss by many women for a reason: As you drift off into a restful sleep, you awake rejuvenated, and you feel you got your bloom back.

Bette will help you get your bloom back, too.


Frequently Asked Questions

Join the water-free, chemical-free Revolution!

For years, chemicals ruled the fem care and cosmetic industry. But now, women in from every chapter of life are asking for change.

These woman have seen their friends and loved ones get sick and suffer because their chemical loads are too high. Doctors have counseled them to go chemical free in their skin care routine.

So they want safety. Safety is not a privilege; it's a right. Every woman deserves products free from hormone disruptors and harmful chemicals. It's not just about looking good; it's about genuine health, authentic beauty, and unbridled joy.

A new community emerges. Women who want to live in tune with their natural rhythms. They're not just following a trend; they're leading a revolution. As a pioneer in the industry, Damiva offers what women have been yearning for: 100% all-natural, chemical-free fem care and cosmetics.

Thousands have already switched. They’re choosing undiluted, chemical-free products. The result? A renewed sense of healthy beauty, of feeling good in your skin, and getting the boom boom back into your life; proving age is just a number.
In this movement, with Damiva at the helm, skin and fem care are being reborn — universal, timeless, and pure.

Damiva - get your boom back